Peter Strang Steel DEA,NDEA                      

EPC Assessor and Advisor



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Having set out draft regulations in 2020 for Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) in the Private Rental Sector(PRS), which sought to make all private rental properties reach an EPC Rating of D by 2025, the Scottish Government have now scrapped these plans with a view to introducing more stringent measures. As per the Heat in Buildings Strategy, released in Feb 2021,the only information provided so far by the Scottish Government is that all Private Rental Properties will need to achieve a C rating by 2028.


At this stage details of how MEES in the PRS will work are minimal (e.g exemptions, price caps, timings) while the Scottish Government carries out further consultations on the finer detail of their strategy. My advice to those who have carried out energy efficiency improvements is to keep all receipts and documentation as evidence of expenditure, as it is likely there will be price cap on the amount of expenditure a landlord will be required to spend on improvements per property.

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