Peter Strang Steel DEA,NDEA                      

EPC Assessor and Advisor

The Process

  • I will arrange a time to visit your property to carry out a detailed and thorough EPC assessment. 

  • Using the data gathered I will then produce a Draft EPC, which will include an Energy Rating (ER) and an Environmental Impact Rating (EIR), along with some very basic and automatically generated recommendations to improve ER and EIR.

  • I will forward you a copy of the Draft EPC for approval and if it is at a sufficient rating I will submit it to the Scottish EPC Register.

  • If the EPC is at a level that you would like or need to improve on (for example, getting the EPC from an F rating to an E rating or above) then I can keep it in Draft format and through Specialist Software Modelling produce a Recommendations Report with detailed guidance on how your property can most likely achieve the higher rating in the most efficient (including minimal disruption) and cost effective way. 

  • If you are considering installing renewables I can also use software modelling to provide guidance on what energy rating you might achieve.

  • If you carry out energy efficiency changes/alterations to your property after my initial visit I will need to re-visit the property to verify the changes and update the original Draft EPC before submitting a final copy to the register.

Pricing Guide for Domestic EPCs  

From £75.00

Pricing for an EPC starts at £75 (inclusive of Scottish EPC register fee) and will vary depending on the size, location and complexity of the property. Prices will be confirmed in writing before the EPC assessment is carried out.


I predominantly cover Edinburgh, the Lothians and Borders (East), but for larger properties, portfolios, farms and estates cover the whole of Scotland and Northern England.


xxx Please note that for multiple properties/portfolios I can provide Discounted Rates. xxx


Additional Costs

Additional Advisory fee - £40 per hour

I charge an additional £40 per hour for advisory work including producing energy efficiency recommendations reports, software modelling for retrofit and renewable projects, energy efficiency and retrofit advice. The total time will depend on the size and complexity of the work involved, but I will give you an indication of the likely cost before commencing any work. As an example producing a detailed energy efficiency recommendations report will take approximately 1-2 hours for a 1 - 3 bedroom property.

Property re-visit fee

If energy efficiency changes or alterations are carried out after my initial visit I will need to re-visit the property to verify the changes and update the original EPC before submitting a final copy to the Scottish EPC Register. The property re-visit fee will be based upon the scale of alterations carried out since my previous inspection and will be agreed before my visit.


All costs will be confirmed to the client in writing before my visit and payment is required within 5 days of issue of the Draft EPC and before the Final EPC can be issued.

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